car insurance quotes woodbridge va

Car Insurance Keeps You Protected

October 4, 2018

Woodbridge drivers must carry minimum amounts of liability auto insurance at all times. Failure to carry the minimum liability coverage is a crime and can result in suspension of your driving privileges, increased insurance rates, suspension of your vehicle registration, and other consequences. Plus, if you’re involved in an auto accident without coverage, you could face criminal charges and be held liable for the costs of damages.

Virginia Required Auto Insurance

In Virginia, drivers should carry a policy that includes:

·    $25,000 Bodily Injury coverage for one person injured in the accident

·    $50,000 Bodily Injury coverage maximum payout for all injuries in the accident

·    $20,000 Property Damage coverage

You may opt to add higher coverage amounts and additional coverage to your policy if you choose, including comprehensive and collision coverage. However, state law requires that all drivers carry the minimum coverages listed above on any registered vehicle in the state.

Auto Insurance Costs

Many factors contribute to the costs of auto insurance. No two drivers will likely pay the same amount to insure their automobiles. Factors that impact costs include your age, educational background, driving history, type of coverage that you want, and discounts that you use. Many discounts help keep costs of auto insurance to a minimal. Ask for the discounts when you complete an auto insurance application and take advantage of the deals.

Free Quotes Available

car insurance quotes woodbridge va

By spending a few minutes of time comparing auto insurance rates with several providers, you can find the best prices for coverage and keep your costs low. Free quotes are available to assist. You can easily obtain the car insurance quotes woodbridge va at no cost upon request. Many online tools make it simple to compare prices with several companies after completing just one request form.