Captive insurance

Becoming Owners of Insurance

October 4, 2018

If you run a large company, you know that the insurance costs you have for your employees is high but it is also important that you provide this insurance. After all, it is the law for your full time employees to have benefits and you want everyone that works for you to be healthy and safe.

When you use the typical method of buying insurance, there are a number of limitations on the level of service you can get for your money. That means that there are limits to the benefits your people can receive and that is always a tough thing to handle.

Captive insurance

Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, look to Captive insurance. It is a way that your company can actually become insurance company owners instead of buying the services. The benefits to this are obvious. You will be able to actually make money off of insurance rather than just spending it.

Not only that, but it will allow you to provide much better benefits for yourself and for all of your teams of employees who really deserve the best. This way, you never lose out on payments because the insurance payments go right back into your company.

Now you can offer your employees lower deductibles and lower co-pays across the board because you will be in control of the insurance company. The insurance company will be owned by you and this is a truly novel concept empowering your business to become even more than it ever has been.

You will be able to offer your teams the very best insurance policies at last. This is especially good when you are dealing with union workers because they want to see the best benefits possible coming from you as the head of the business structure. Look into this advantage now.